E-Cigarette: Big Tobacco’s Television Comback

On January 1, 1971, the federal government banned cigarette ads from radio and television. After over four decades, a few of the top major tobacco producers are returning to the television airwaves with television commercials featuring e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are smoke free electronic products that transform nicotine and other chemicals into vapor which is inhales by the user.   They have been presented to long time smokers as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes.  E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco which is the main reason why the tobacco companies are able to advertise on television again.  The smokeless products are considered to be a promising form of new revenue by the tobacco companies. According to testimonials collected by eCigBrandReviews, an E–Cigarette review website, the products let users quit tobacco cigarettes and those that make the switch report to feel healthier.

Lorillard, makers of Kent and Newport Cigarettes, began an ad campaign in October with television commercials for their Blu E-Cigarettes.  R.J. Reynolds, makers of Winston and Camel Cigarettes, are currently planning television ads for its Vuse e-cigarette to begin airing in August.

Blu E-Cigarettes had posted first-quarter sales of $57 million. That is up 46% from the last quarter of 2012.  R.J. Reynolds is planning to expand it distribution of Vuse.  Altria (a.k.a. Phillip Morris, makers of Marlboro cigarettes) is planning to release its own e-cigarette product later this year.

The FDA hasn’t regulated the sales of e-cigarettes yet, although they are expected to do so soon.  E-cigarettes smokers are not in danger of the harmful effects that come with tobacco smoke, although the nicotine contained in e-cigarettes is highly addictive, and the tobacco companies are not making claims about health benefits.

State and local governments are currently regulating the sales of e-cigarettes, and Lorillard and Reynolds say they will support restrictions on selling to minors.  The two companies conducted a series of demographic studies to help target their e-cigarette ads to television viewers over the age of 21.

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are All About Tobacco Cigarettes And Their Replication

Any tobacco smoker may wonder how well an electronic cigarette replicates the ritualistic smoking experience. As ongoing research advances the electronic cigarettes placed on the market, many models are coming close to not only replicating, but also surpassing the typical smoking experience. By learning more about the advantages of electronic cigarette vaporization when compared to smoking as well as how it replicates the experience, it should be possible to decide if making the switch is right for you.

The number one aspect about tobacco cigarettes that any smoker considers is flavor. The flavor of tobacco is typically what drives a smoker to pick one specific brand over another. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration has limited the types of flavors that can be utilized in cigarettes. Since the FDA has no control over the electronic cigarette industry, vapor cartridges are available in almost any flavor that one could imagine. This makes electronic cigarettes a great switch for those who are tired of the same old flavors experienced with traditional cigarettes.

According to The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK, “When burnt, the smoke from one cigarette contains about 1mg of nicotine: the total amount of nicotine in all the smoke from a complete cigarette when combusted averages 1mg. It commonly varies between around 0.6mg and 1.2mg. There are examples with as low as 0.2mg and as high as 2mg nicotine yield.” It is obvious that when smoking cigarettes, it can be almost impossible to know the relative dose of nicotine per cigarette. It isn’t included on the cigarette packaging and can typically only be obtained from select research studies. This is not the case with electronic cigarette vapor cartridges. Cartridges are available in high, medium, low and zero nicotine strengths with a defined mg of nicotine per cartridge. For those who want to control their nicotine intake, this knowledge is priceless.

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Using Electronic Cigarette Reviews To Help Find The Right E-cigarette

With so many different electronic cigarettes available to choose from, finding the right e-cig for you can often be challenging. A good way to clear through all the clutter is by using electronic cigarettes reviews. By learning how to use reviews & ratings, finding the right e-cig for your vaporization preferences should be achievable in no time at all.

A good e-cig review will mention the good and bad points of the product while also providing a personal insight of what the reviewer thought of the vaporization experience. According to Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes, “The person writing the reviews should tell why they decided to use the product and which brand it is about. The person who has written the review should not be afraid to share the good points and bad points of the product.” Avoid reviews that lack any of these inherent qualities.

Try to detect bias when considering a review. Many reviews are simply written by authors who have been paid by the electronic cigarette company to write a review for their product. It is important to avoid biased reviews because they will often focus on the positives of the product and lack any insight into the potential negatives.

The best reviews to consider are those that do a cross-comparison between several different electronic cigarettes. A cross comparison can help you pick and choose what qualities personally interest you when purchasing an e-cig.

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Buying The Right E-Cigarette

When purchasing an e cigarette, there are a lot of factors that must be considered. E-cigarettes are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes, however, there are so many different models and flavors to choose from that finding the best option for you can be challenging. By considering aspects such as battery life, flavor selection and vaporization quality, finding the right e cigarette should be possible in no time at all.

Battery life is an essential aspect because many people like to use their electronic cigarette throughout the day. Thus, it is important to ensure that the battery life of the e-cig corresponds to your usage patterns. If you are unable to find a battery life long enough to fit with your vaporization usage preferences, charging or bringing a backup battery is always an option.

When purchasing an e-cig flavor selection is an essential aspect. Having a wide variety of flavors to choose from when vaporizing will help keep the vaporizing experience new and refreshing. Aim for purchasing an e-cigarette that has a wide flavor selection. According to Blu Cigs, ” One of the best things about is that your choices are not limited. There is an array of flavors and strengths to choose from. For instance, did your old tobacco brand offer you an option like a pina colada flavor? How about a coffee bean taste?” The wide flavor selection available with electronic cigarettes is a clear advantage when compared to normal cigarettes, where the flavors are typically limited to menthol and regular tobacco.

The quality of the vapor is just as important as the flavor. Many people will find that vapor quality decreases with cheaper e-cigs, which can leave your lungs and throat feeling irritated. Higher quality e-cigs will produce a vapor that doesn’t produce irritation or inflammation.

According to Wikipedia the American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP) supports the sale of e-cigarettes to adult smokers.

E Cigarettes Are a Conversation Starter

I got myself a new e cigarette kit the other week. It was not the first kit I had bought, I used to have a pretty simple and plain looking one. It had the tan battery and a white cartridge and the red glowing LED tip. Basically, it looked like a normal cigarette. When I would go out and smoke, a few people would notice that it wasn’t real, but for the most part people didn’t even notice that it was fake.

But this new kit, it was totally different. I got it for a few other features it had but the main reason I wanted to try it was because it didn’t look like a cigarette at all. The shaft was pure black and the tip glowed a bright blue when I inhaled. I just thought it looked cool, like a futuristic kind of accessory kind of thing. It just felt cool to have it with me, but when I busted it out and took a few drags, heads definitely turned. E cigarettes aren’t a totally new thing so of course a few people knew what it was but a lot of other people would ask me about it outside of the bar or on my smoke break at work.

I’m not usually a kind of guy who will just get something to show off, but this thing is awesome. If I’m gonna be smoking anyways, it might as well look awesome. I wouldn’t say it’s totally revolutionized my love life but it really helps when the girls come up and talk to you!

You should considering contacting some e cigarette vendors who have a good assortment of products so that you can make the best decision for what you’re going for. You don’t have to get a fancy looking thing, you can get a normal looking cigarette just like my old one.

Saving Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Every smoker knows just how expensive smoking can be. A smoker who smokes a pack a day tends to spend $1,600 a year. Switching to electronic cigarettes is a great way to save some money for a variety of reasons.  By reviewing the expenses associated cigarette smoking, it should be possible to see how making the switch can save you money in the long run.

The most expensive cost associated with smoking is insurance. Health and life insurance premiums for those who smoke tend to be much higher than they are for non-smokers. After a certain period of time vaporizing with electronic cigarettes, you are technically classified as a non-smoker. According to costofsmoking.com, “One of the biggest factors determining the cost of your life insurance policy will be whether or not you’re a smoker. If you’re a smoker, you can expect to pay over a thousand dollars a year (and likely much more) for your life insurance than if you are a non smoker.”

Many employers are now discriminating against employees who smoke. Some employers will refuse to hire those who smoke or force employees to pay a higher cost out of pocket for their personal health insurance unless they agree to a stop smoking cessation program. Making the switch to electronic cigarettes allows you to avoid this discrimination by employers and pay a cheaper price for health insurance.

Electronic cigarettes also help you avoid the inherent costs associated with smoking, such as the cost of lighters, the cigarettes themselves as well as sharing with friends. Just based on the cost of cigarettes alone, using electronic cigarettes is $600 cheaper a year for those who typically smoke a pack a day.

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