Saving Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Every smoker knows just how expensive smoking can be. A smoker who smokes a pack a day tends to spend $1,600 a year. Switching to electronic cigarettes is a great way to save some money for a variety of reasons.  By reviewing the expenses associated cigarette smoking, it should be possible to see how making the switch can save you money in the long run.

The most expensive cost associated with smoking is insurance. Health and life insurance premiums for those who smoke tend to be much higher than they are for non-smokers. After a certain period of time vaporizing with electronic cigarettes, you are technically classified as a non-smoker. According to, “One of the biggest factors determining the cost of your life insurance policy will be whether or not you’re a smoker. If you’re a smoker, you can expect to pay over a thousand dollars a year (and likely much more) for your life insurance than if you are a non smoker.”

Many employers are now discriminating against employees who smoke. Some employers will refuse to hire those who smoke or force employees to pay a higher cost out of pocket for their personal health insurance unless they agree to a stop smoking cessation program. Making the switch to electronic cigarettes allows you to avoid this discrimination by employers and pay a cheaper price for health insurance.

Electronic cigarettes also help you avoid the inherent costs associated with smoking, such as the cost of lighters, the cigarettes themselves as well as sharing with friends. Just based on the cost of cigarettes alone, using electronic cigarettes is $600 cheaper a year for those who typically smoke a pack a day.

Be sure to contact me today if you have any questions about how you can save money by switching to electronic cigarettes.


One thought on “Saving Money By Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

  1. shahnick47

    As smoking cigarettes prohibits increase, Elecrtic Cigarettes are the new pattern for cigarette smokers and an alternative option to used products. These electronic cigarettes can provide a immediate amount of smoking cigarettes and provide a legal loophole with their claimed’safer than cigarettes’ design.


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