E Cigarettes Are a Conversation Starter

I got myself a new e cigarette kit the other week. It was not the first kit I had bought, I used to have a pretty simple and plain looking one. It had the tan battery and a white cartridge and the red glowing LED tip. Basically, it looked like a normal cigarette. When I would go out and smoke, a few people would notice that it wasn’t real, but for the most part people didn’t even notice that it was fake.

But this new kit, it was totally different. I got it for a few other features it had but the main reason I wanted to try it was because it didn’t look like a cigarette at all. The shaft was pure black and the tip glowed a bright blue when I inhaled. I just thought it looked cool, like a futuristic kind of accessory kind of thing. It just felt cool to have it with me, but when I busted it out and took a few drags, heads definitely turned. E cigarettes aren’t a totally new thing so of course a few people knew what it was but a lot of other people would ask me about it outside of the bar or on my smoke break at work.

I’m not usually a kind of guy who will just get something to show off, but this thing is awesome. If I’m gonna be smoking anyways, it might as well look awesome. I wouldn’t say it’s totally revolutionized my love life but it really helps when the girls come up and talk to you!

You should considering contacting some e cigarette vendors who have a good assortment of products so that you can make the best decision for what you’re going for. You don’t have to get a fancy looking thing, you can get a normal looking cigarette just like my old one.


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