Why Electronic Cigarettes Are All About Tobacco Cigarettes And Their Replication

Any tobacco smoker may wonder how well an electronic cigarette replicates the ritualistic smoking experience. As ongoing research advances the electronic cigarettes placed on the market, many models are coming close to not only replicating, but also surpassing the typical smoking experience. By learning more about the advantages of electronic cigarette vaporization when compared to smoking as well as how it replicates the experience, it should be possible to decide if making the switch is right for you.

The number one aspect about tobacco cigarettes that any smoker considers is flavor. The flavor of tobacco is typically what drives a smoker to pick one specific brand over another. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration has limited the types of flavors that can be utilized in cigarettes. Since the FDA has no control over the electronic cigarette industry, vapor cartridges are available in almost any flavor that one could imagine. This makes electronic cigarettes a great switch for those who are tired of the same old flavors experienced with traditional cigarettes.

According to The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK, “When burnt, the smoke from one cigarette contains about 1mg of nicotine: the total amount of nicotine in all the smoke from a complete cigarette when combusted averages 1mg. It commonly varies between around 0.6mg and 1.2mg. There are examples with as low as 0.2mg and as high as 2mg nicotine yield.” It is obvious that when smoking cigarettes, it can be almost impossible to know the relative dose of nicotine per cigarette. It isn’t included on the cigarette packaging and can typically only be obtained from select research studies. This is not the case with electronic cigarette vapor cartridges. Cartridges are available in high, medium, low and zero nicotine strengths with a defined mg of nicotine per cartridge. For those who want to control their nicotine intake, this knowledge is priceless.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about finding the right electronic cigarette for your vaporization needs as well as learning about how electronic cigarettes are all about tobacco cigarettes.


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